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Nissan Diesel - UD - Dependable Japanese Trucks

Why Nissan Diesel UD trucks are preferred by heavy duty truck buyers? Nisan Diesel Trucks are tough, strong and are designed in such a way that they require remarkably low maintenance. ‘Nissan Diesel’ or ‘UD’ are the brand names for heavy duty and medium duty trucks manufactured by Nissan Diesel. Nissan Diesel also manufactures medium and light duty trucks, buses, diesel engines and vehicle components. Nissan Diesel has an impressive line-up of models in heavy duty and medium duty trucks. Nissan UD is synonymous with quality and reliability. Nissan Diesel’s logo – ‘Ultimate Dependability’ reflects the quality and innovation which has lead to its popularity worldwide.

Nissan heavy-duty truck ‘Big Thumb’ was selected for the good design award of the year 1990 by Japan's Ministry of International Trade and Industry. Nissan Diesel’s ‘Condor 20’ and ‘Condor 30’ series light-duty trucks have also received praise from the truck community. Nissan Diesel has produced over two million vehicles since commencing production in 1950 and has spread its business by formation of joint venture in other countries like Philippines, Pakistan, and China.

Because of their high reliability, sturdy design, performance, features for driver safety and comfort, and easy maintenance, used Nissan Diesel trucks are popular in many parts of the world. Used Nissan UD trucks can be bought at low prices directly from Japan, and still they deliver the value far more than their price.

NISSAN Diesel - UD Trucks Lineup

Heavy duty trucks comprise about 50% of Nissan Diesel’s overall production of trucks. Nissan Diesel also manufactures medium duty and light duty trucks and buses to suit the needs of modern urban environments. Nisan UD trucks are dynamically designed and filled with various features such as climate control, cruise control, a fully adjustable air suspension, CD/Cassette player to make long journeys enjoyable for the truck drivers. The variety of different models given by UD can be listed as below.

MK Series 10 ton, 15 ton

PK Series 16 Ton

GW Series 26 Tons

Nissan Quon – Heavy Duty Truck: Comes in 4 versions – Quon Cargo, Quon Lorry, Quon Dump/Mixer, Tractor. This is unique model of the truck which is distinguishable by a front 'Quon' badge, but the common Nissan Diesel or UD badge is usually used on the rear. The company’s focus has been on increasing their extra heavy trucks’ operational performance, improving comfort and driver accommodation, and offering a more environmentally friendly product range. The Quon model range has 12 models in Quon Trucks, which can be listed as below: CK 4x2 CD 6x2R CV 6x2F CW 6x4 CX 6x4 CG 8x4 CF 4x4 CZ 6x6 GK 4x2 GW 6x4 CV-P 6x2 CW-P 6x4

The CW series of Quon Nissan Diesel are available from 26 tons to 70 tons truck models.

Nissan Big Thumb: Heavy Duty Truck. The range by Nissan UD was primarily available in other big-size trucks. Now it has 12 models in this truck series

Nissan Condor Trucks: Medium and Light Duty Trucks. It is available in Cargo, Cargo Van and Dump/Mixer form. Condor Medium Duty trucks from 4 toms to 11 tons. Condor Light duty trucks 1.1 ton to 4 tons. Nissan condor trucks have comfortable and functional cabs which supports drivers to operate effectively. Condor trucks by Nissan UD are primarily available in big-size and mid-size and which are distinguished by a front 'Condor' badge. They have 5 series of condor trucks for Japan and 9 different models for US and Canada. The MK series of Nissan UD is available in 9, 10.5 and 16 ton models. LK series is available in 12 and 18 ton Of models. They have their PK series of Nissan Diesel Condor for 16 ton, 20.5 tons and 32 tons.

Nissan Diesel UD Buses

Nissan Diesel also manufactures large and medium size buses. Nissan has following series of buses: Space arrow - High Speed bus for Inter city transportation Space Runner – Private Tour Bus Space wing - Tour Bus

RN and Space Runner RM is the Medium Duty Bus by Nissan Diesel. They also manufacture Light Duty Bus called ‘Civilian’. Nissan also has 16 different models of buses for US and Canada

Why Nissan UD Trucks?

UD Trucks are useful for different applications such as towing, refrigerated delivery, fuel oil transportation, construction; snow plowing, building supply or any municipal work, landscaping and delicate air cargo transportation. Despite of the application, Nissan Condor trucks operate reliably from coast to coast.

Importing used Nissan UD trucks is difficult?

Most people prefer to go for branded vehicles like Nissan UD trucks. The reputation of such renowned names attracts people for importing a Japanese vehicle. If your truck is being used frequently, then you prefer to go for the used truck option rather than a new one. Nissan UD trucks are popular for their performance, sturdiness, fuel efficiency and other features that offer comfort to the drivers on long journeys. In Japan vehicles are very properly maintained, timely serviced and cautiously looked after, so you are sure to get used trucks from Japan in excellent working condition. There are other reasons why people prefer Japanese used trucks - excellent road conditions in Japan cause less damage of the trucks, strict road regulations force the truck owners to keep their vehicles in mint condition. If you are interested in purchasing a used Nissan UD trucks, it does not require much intelligence to know how to import a truck from Japan. You will find lots of information from dealers or even online stuff that will guide you regarding importing a truck stepwise. It does not matter in which country you are; it is always easy to go for Japanese used trucks. You will get high-quality Used UD Trucks at very economical prices.