How to Save Fuel in Medium Duty Trucks

February 18, 2013   •  

Tips for Saving Fuel in Medium Duty Trucks

Are you a truck owner worried about your rising fuel costs? As Gasoline prices are skyrocketing every day, truck owners should learn how to save on fuel. Medium duty truck owners can benefit a lot when they go for fuel efficient options in driving their trucks. If you wonder how you can save on fuel, here are a few tips for truck fleet managers who want to save on their fuel expenses. These tips are applicable to medium duty as well as heavy duty trucks.

Adjust Top Speed and Choose Right Gear

Adjusting your vehicle speed is one of the simplest ways to save fuel. The fuel economy reduces as your speed increases. Actually fuel starts burning at a high speed and it is very important that you limit your optimal speed to around 60 mpg on highways.  It is very difficult to control the driver’s rash driving habit, so, some companies are using a small device for their new truck models which could be plugged in OBD port of truck to control the speed of truck. Many new truck models also are equipped with cruise control options. You can also adjust the throttle stop bolt resting on the gas pedal to limit your top speed.

You also need to choose the right gear in order to save on fuel. Driving in a lower gear at a very high speed or in a higher gear at low a speed can increase your fuel consumption. It is therefore necessary to shift up as “early” as possible without causing strain on the engine.

Minimize Idling of Truck

When your truck is idling, and running an engine at zero mpg, you are burning fuel at the lowest rate of return. So, switch the truck engine off , if your truck is going to be stationary for a long period of time.


Volvo Aims for Top Spot in Truck Business

January 28, 2013   •  

Volvo to be biggest in heavy trucks with Dongfeng

Swedish manufacturer AB Volvo signed an agreement with the Chinese automobile company Dongfeng Motor Group Company Limited.  Volvo expects that this joint venture will strengthen their position for heavy duty trucks in China and at the same time it would beat the world’s biggest heavy trucks manufacturer, Daimler AG. They also expects that this agreement will also help them for booming international development in commercial vehicle market.

China truck market is world’s largest marketplace for heavy trucks and is equivalent to the combination of North American and European truck markets. Hence, Volvo finds it a crucial step for increasing their sells especially in Asia. Dongfeng Motor Group is the second largest heavy-duty trucks manufacturers in the world.  With the help of this agreement Volvo will hold the largest share of truck market in the world and for that company will pay 5.6 billion yuan for a 45 percentage stake in the agreement. DFCV will manufacture medium as well as heavy duty-trucks.  If this agreement gets approved, then achievement would make AB Volvo Group, as world’s largest heavy-duty trucks manufacturer.


What is Vehicle Identification Number?

August 25, 2012   •  

How to know about VIN Number?

The vehicle identification number (VIN) of a car is like the DNA of a human being.  It distinguishes a vehicle from several other vehicles of the world.  From the year 1981, the VIN has 17 digits. The number displays a vehicle’s heritage and uniqueness. The VIN can be employed to track recalls, warranty claims, guarantee, registrations, insurance coverage and thefts.

Every character or digit in the VIN serves a unique purpose. The VIN excludes I(i), Q(q) and O(o) to prevent any confusion with numbers 0 and 1.

A VIN(Vehicle Identification Number) is usually stamped onto a small metal plate.  The metal plate is fixed to the dashboard towards the driver’s side.  This makes it visible through windshield.  The VIN is used by insurance companies if an accident occurs.  The police can make use of the VIN number while investigating any theft that has taken place. Manufacturing companies use the VIN number for recall.

The vehicle makers can stamp the VIN anywhere they wish. Mostly the VIN number is stamped on the engine block.

How to understand vehicle’s VIN?
The VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is the serial number for any truck or car. The VIN is 17 characters long and is a combination of alphabets and numbers.  This number is divided into four distinct parts:


Why Choose UD Trucks?

July 26, 2012   •  

UD Trucks – The Highest Standards for Trucks in the World

ud trucks rangeUD Trucks are the best choice for medium duty and heavy duty trucks. The name UD Trucks itself portray quality. UD Trucks’ range of diesel powered medium duty and heavy duty trucks includes simple design philosophy; providing owners with reliable trucks. The range of trucks will show you how UD Trucks philosophy, expertise and strength makes UD Trucks best supplier of quality medium and heavy duty trucks in the global market.

UD Trucks has become the primary choice for numerous sectors including, frozen foods, towing, fuel oil, supply, transport, air cargo, construction, beverage, nurseries and many more.

UD Trucks are best suitable for customers who are looking for new standards of comfort, durability, maneuverability and performance. As required by the client segment, UD Trucks also offer after sales services and supply parts for all their products. In order to meet the needs of customers and dealers, UD Trucks have setup a centralized center for distribution of parts for prompt response to the requests. Extensive training services are made available for every dealer. This provides the guarantee that their technicians are equipped with sufficient knowledge and skills to service a range of trucks made by the company. .

UD Trucks’ customers get the best of medium duty and heavy duty trucks around the world. These trucks are perfectly engineered and manufactured, have phenomenally low maintenance costs and offer reliable performance with excellent maneuverability. These trucks are designed in such a way that its reliability and maneuverability enhances productivity and keep the business running on good notes. They are designed with comfortable driver’s cabin with easily accessible storage pockets. The seating is in compliance with ergonomic standards and provides enough room for comfortable drives. UD Trucks provide the quality that meets the highest standard around the world.


UD Trucks vehicle models range from


UD Heavy Duty Trucks on Top for 7 Years

June 25, 2012   •  

Heavy Duty Trucks from UD Trucks Dominate for Seven Years

ud trucks heavy dutyUD Trucks persist to dominate the list of 350 hp and above heavy duty truck manufacturers.  This auto giant has phenomenally obtained the top place consecutively for last seven years.  UD Trucks has recorded a sales figure of 603 GW, GK as well as latest CW trucks, since January 2008.

The result comes over the launch of Quon Euro 5 series, mid year, wherein several additional features where added in the vehicle.  SRS side airbag along with seatbelt pre-tensioner is one of the most prominent upgrades done to the vehicle.  A- Pillar grab handle, Front Underrun Protection System abbreviated FUPS, touch screen navigation and entertainment unit, etc are some other notable features included in the model upgrade.

CW nameplate was also reintroduced in the year 2011; this was applicable to long wheelbase vehicle models. Prior to obtaining the top position in list of manufacturers, CW385/445 model secured second position annually for three consecutive years. With these seven successive wins it becomes a decade for the company to secure first two positions.

UD’s Quon model range comes with a standard 400 L fuel tank while you can upgrade the GW model’s fuel capacity to 800 liter.  These UD trucks come with a factory warranty of 3 years or 500,000 kilometers


Nissan Advanced Safety Systems for Cars and Trucks

May 26, 2012   •  

Nissan unveils Advanced Safety Features  for Vehicles

Nissan has recently introduced many advanced safety features for their cars and trucks. This will surely help improve the safety of passengers and reduce accidents.

nissan collision detection systemNearly 806 million light Trucks and Cars burn almost a billion cubic meters of diesel and gasoline every year. As years pass by, this count is also increasing. Every new model has newer features, more speed options, better performance, improved comfort, greater fuel economy and advanced safety of passengers. Yet road accidents or traffic collisions are on the rise. The factors which lead to the collision could be speed of operation, vehicle design, road environment, road design, driver behavior and driver skill.

Nowadays the roads are full of vehicles of all kinds and types which lead to more road accidents. Today the safety of passengers is definitely a prime concern. The common safety features found in cars and trucks these days are seat belts, anti lock brakes, airbags, four wheel drive and safety glass. Yet additional safety features are required to reduce the risk of accidents and collisions which cause disability and even loss to human life. Here are some of the advanced safety features for trucks and cars, recently introduced by Nissan.

Advanced Safety features for Nissan Trucks and Cars

The reputed automakers Nissan Motor Co has most recently introduced some very advanced safety features. These assist to minimize injuries which may be caused due to vehicle accidents. Here is a list of these advanced safety features.

The Acceleration Suppression for Pedal Misapplication:

The Acceleration Suppression helps the driver of the vehicle to avoid an accident. Nissan has developed a function which can identify whether a vehicle is in a car park or on a road. The system makes use of image signal data that is gained from four unit cameras of the Around View Monitor.


UD Trucks target 15% market share in Thailand

April 26, 2012   •  

UD Trucks target Heavy Truck Market in Thailand

UD Trucks, the Japanese truck manufacturer is aiming for a market share of minimum 15% within the heavy-duty truck sector in Thailand. This was the position of UD Trucks three years back also when UD Trucks had nearly vanished from the market. The Volvo Group in Thailand has allotted 4 billion Thai Bath with a purpose to build up the UD Trucks brand in the domestic markets.

The heavy duty truck market in Thailand has a great potential for growth. UD Trucks has seen a 28% increase in sales in its first quarter of 2012 in the heavy truck segment in Thailand market. The final quarter of year 2011 has recorded sales of 12,000 which is a remarkable 7% increase compared to the year 2010. The Volvo Trucks had shared nearly 5% of the market. UD Trucks hopes that there will be a demand for at least 12,000 heavy duty truck sales looking at the projected economic growth in 2012.

The UD Trucks will be rejuvenating the UD Trucks Brand by strengthening its distribution channels in the local markets. UD Trucks also plans to increase its number of dealerships nationwide from 5 to 17. It will mainly concentrate on after-sales services of its Volvo brand.

Nissan Diesel Trucks established its presence in Thailand in 1987. Nissan Diesel Thailand had completely stopped building and distributing the UD Trucks in the Thai market following the legal actions against AB Volvo, Sweden from Hong Kong listed Tan Chong group.

UD Trucks Sponsors V8 Supercar at Australian motorsport

March 30, 2012   •  

UD Trucks supports V8 Supercar Series team

racing car ud trucksUD Trucks has a strong history of supporting Australian motorsport dating back to the early 1990’s.  In those days, the company supplied the prime movers for the Gibson Motorsport squad and their awesome Nissan GT-Rs.  This year, UD Trucks have strengthened the company’s ties with the V8 Supercar paddock, throwing their support behind an expanded four car line up in Australian motorsport’s top two tiers.

The UD Trucks have emblazoned their logo on the rear quarter panels of the four sports cars.   will certainly give the brand an inconceivable amount of exposure to a huge audience, both locally and globally.

UD Trucks offered the greenest and cleanest heavy duty truck in Australia to Bundaberg Racing Team and Toll Holden Racing Team in 2011. UD Trucks has also enjoyed its previous motorsport involvement with TeamVodafone in V8 Supercars, the Sandown 500 and the Clipsal 500. It also enjoyed its involvement with Possum Bourne Motorsport in the Australian Rally Championship. UD Trucks is also a proud sponsor of the St Kilda Football Club in the AFL. The St Kilda Football Club was a part of the famed Grand Final tie and subsequent rematch.


UD Trucks aims for big market share in South Africa

March 17, 2012   •  

UD Trucks launches new Quon in South Africa

UD Trucks Southern Africa (UDTSA) recently launched a new Quon range of trucks in the South African market. UD Trucks hopes that the new launch will increase the company’s share of the extra-heavy commercial vehicle (EHCV) market to more than 12% in the short term. The company expects to expand the market share to 15 to 16% in the long term. UDTSA’s market share in the EHCV market was 9.4% in 2011, down from 13.1% in 2008. UDTSA is responsible for UD Trucks’ exports into 12 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, in both right- and left-hand drive variants.

As per an analysis by UD Trucks, UDTSA has seen its share of the fast-growing EHCV market shrink over the last few years as the previous Quon range proved not “quite right” for the local market. One of the product weaknesses was that the Japanese brand could not offer the increasingly popular automated manual transmission as an option to customers.

The South African EHCV market has grown from 6,432 units, in 2009, to more than 11,500 units, in 2011. UDTSA anticipates this section of the truck market to reach 12,932 units in 2012 – a forecasted growth of 10.96%.

The new Quon will be UDTSA’s premium product, and will be available in 14 variants in Southern Africa Customs Union markets, and in 61 variants in other African markets. The range will also now top out at 490 hp, and no longer 460 hp. The market is trending to the heavy-duty category of trucks, and UD Trucks sees a big demand in that segment. From 2009 to 2011, 12,775 trucks were sold in South Africa in the heavy duty category of 420 hp and upwards.


Truck Suspension Basics

February 28, 2012   •  

How Truck Suspensions Work?

When you think of performance of a truck, you usually just think of torque, horsepower and speedy acceleration. You forget that all power generated by your piston engine is pointless if you cannot control your truck. Truck suspension is actually something that most people have heard of but know very little about. Here you can learn the basics of Truck Suspension.

Functions of Truck Suspensions

The function of your truck’s suspension is to increase the friction between the tires and road surface, to offer steering stability and fine handling so as to guarantee that the travelers are comfortable. Suspensions come with two key functions: first, to support the truck’s weight, and second, to soak up the inconsistencies of the roads as well as terrain changes.

If the road was completely flat, without any irregularities, suspensions would not be essential. But the roads aren’t flat and even newly created highways possess slight imperfections which may interfere with the wheels of your truck. It is these imperfections which exert forces on the wheels. To protect your vehicle from damage that may be caused due to these forces, suspension is a prerequisite in any truck.

Truck Suspension System, the Basics

The truck’s suspension system usually comprises of sway bars, springs and dampers. The suspension springs support the truck’s weight on the four-corners. The main strength of a truck’s suspension is from the springs used. Springs even help suspend the vehicle frame in a number of driving conditions, like braking, acceleration, cornering, abrupt terrain changes or changes in payload capacity.