Nissan Advanced Safety Systems for Cars and Trucks

Nissan unveils Advanced Safety Features  for Vehicles

Nissan has recently introduced many advanced safety features for their cars and trucks. This will surely help improve the safety of passengers and reduce accidents.

nissan collision detection systemNearly 806 million light Trucks and Cars burn almost a billion cubic meters of diesel and gasoline every year. As years pass by, this count is also increasing. Every new model has newer features, more speed options, better performance, improved comfort, greater fuel economy and advanced safety of passengers. Yet road accidents or traffic collisions are on the rise. The factors which lead to the collision could be speed of operation, vehicle design, road environment, road design, driver behavior and driver skill.

Nowadays the roads are full of vehicles of all kinds and types which lead to more road accidents. Today the safety of passengers is definitely a prime concern. The common safety features found in cars and trucks these days are seat belts, anti lock brakes, airbags, four wheel drive and safety glass. Yet additional safety features are required to reduce the risk of accidents and collisions which cause disability and even loss to human life. Here are some of the advanced safety features for trucks and cars, recently introduced by Nissan.

Advanced Safety features for Nissan Trucks and Cars

The reputed automakers Nissan Motor Co has most recently introduced some very advanced safety features. These assist to minimize injuries which may be caused due to vehicle accidents. Here is a list of these advanced safety features.

The Acceleration Suppression for Pedal Misapplication:

The Acceleration Suppression helps the driver of the vehicle to avoid an accident. Nissan has developed a function which can identify whether a vehicle is in a car park or on a road. The system makes use of image signal data that is gained from four unit cameras of the Around View Monitor.

Multi-Sensing System with Rear Camera :

The vehicle’s signal processing technology has been greatly improved by use of cameras. These cameras help to detect road conditions, rear of the car, detection of people and detection of other automobiles to alert the drivers of any risk or possibility of accident.

The Predictive Forward Collision Warning System:

The Predictive Forward Collision Warning System by Nissan makes use of millimeter wave radar. This radar helps to detect deceleration of the vehicle in front of them. This system alerts the driver beforehand of a quick decrease in speed of the cars ahead. The warning is given to the driver by signal, buzzer or display and even by tightening the seat belt.

All these security systems are amazing. They will greatly help the passengers to stay safe and avoid accidents. Even in worst cases when accidents do occur, minimum bruises or injuries will take place. If the upcoming models of Nissan Cars in 2012 come equipped with these security systems, they will surely offer better driving conditions and advanced safety to passengers.

Hope these great inventions and initiatives will lead to safer road conditions. Let us hope that with this the number of accidents and deaths due to such accidents reduce. Let us also hope that even other automobile brands get inspired and come up with such safety systems for their vehicles. Only if all automakers take up safety as a major issue will these collisions and road accidents reduce.


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